June 25, 2012

A wedding gift on a budget...

image via Primele on Etsy

I'm a big fan of customised wedding gifts, but with a pricey tropical destination wedding coming up this Spring, the budget for a gift will be a little tight. Thank goodness for Etsy! In celebration of the bride and groom's start to married life, I've chosen a custom calligraphy return address stamp from Letter Be (also try Primele, both on Etsy) and simple gender-neutral notecards to be personalised with the couples' new family name (think "the smiths") from Brown Paper Goods.

image by Letter Be On Etsy
image via Brown Paper Goods on Etsy
And while I was visiting Etsy, I also purchased some gorgeous letterpress wedding cards from Parrott Design Studio...

images by Parrott Design Studio
Now there's nothing to do but daydream about tropical beaches while I wait for everything to arrive in the post!


  1. Brooke, you are the queen of all things cool and funky! I love the return address stamp!


  2. What a great gift idea, your friends will be thrilled. x

  3. Oh Brooke - I couldn't agree more - awesome wedding gift and such a good price. Love all the options on etsy, hardest bit is choosing the font! I had something made up for me when I moved to my new place. So good to have you back blogging miss - i've missed you! x

  4. What a gorgeous idea - I would love one of those!


  5. Hi Brooke - I've come across your blog & being all new to this I thought I'd leave a comment. Great idea for the wedding gift, I - like you have a wedding to go too that will be pricey too. Look forward to seeing more ideas.
    Queen Witty Wittalocka

    1. Hello Queen WW! Fancy you finding my little blog! Now you'll know all my secrets...


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