July 18, 2012

Here's to Mums who sew!

Sorry Mum, I should have ironed the covers before I blogged!
A big thanks to my Mum for making these new dining chair slipcovers to replace the old cat-scratched beige linen ones. The strong cotton canvas seems to be enough to deflect Belly the Ragdoll's claws, and the crisp white helps to brighten the space. The room isn't finished yet - the art is only temporary while I plan a large and vibrant Stephen Trebilcock inspired still life for the rear wall. But at least it's respectable for now, and just in time for my birthday dinner this weekend...

Thanks Mum!


  1. The covers are gorgeous. You lucky thing having such a clever Mum:). I like the art you have now but the sound of something bright and colourful does sound appealing. Looking forward to seeing it.
    Hope you have a lovely birthday dinner:)

  2. Clever mum, well done! They fit beautifully. Love the last post also. We have a few old houses on the farm which I am told are 'too far gone'. Would love to do something with them. Love a project! xx

  3. OH MY Gosh! I LOVE it so far. Happy birthday, Cutie!!!


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