August 6, 2012

The wrong paint colour?

I am a little horrified to admit that two years into our renovation Farmer Joe and I are back agonising over paint colour. During our initial paint selection, Joe requested no white walls, preferring a warm neutral shade to create a homely feel. I conceded (a rare event, generally) and we painted the living areas and main bedroom with Dulux Hog Bristle Half. To be honest, the colour has always slightly bothered me. But I'd never considered changing it until out of the blue last week Farmer Joe suggested that maybe I'd been right about white walls all along (Yes Farmer Joe, consider this my very public I told you so!).

In our house, the Hog Bristle Half looks very dark in the south-facing living room and entrance where light is lacking. It throws yellow under the warm overhead lights at night, and there is a further yellow reflection from our oak floating floors. So, before we go ahead and paint the remaining half of the house, we'd like to get the first half right, and we're prepared to repaint to do it.

I've included some shots of the painted walls (taken in natural day light, so definitely at it's best), and I'd love to hear your opinions. Should we repaint? Are we mad? Am I being too heavily influenced by all the lovely white houses in the interiors mags? And most importantly, can you suggest a light, bright, but warm white or neutral that definitely won't throw yellow?


  1. Absolutely paint it white!!

  2. I am in exactly the same position. Only today have I been painting samples onto sheets of cardboard for the umpteenth time because I am sick of the plain white walls! I even tried Hog Bristle today because it is the most commonly used neutral in Australia, but immediately concluded that it was too yellow and creamy. So I have gone to Porters for inspiration because they do some really lovely neutral beige/greys which don't throw yellow. I also tried Dulux Beige Royal which I have used before and is a nice, grey neutral, and in fact is in the baby's room. There are a couple of nice neutrals from Taubmans, ie Martini and if you are after a raft of nice neutrals you can't go past Resene who seem to specialise in those greige colours. I agree in your kitchen/dining room it's too yellow and non-descript, but I quite like how it comes up in your bedroom. Why don't you try more of a colour? Go into a darker grey or try a darker shade of blue, or a greeny grey like Spanish Olive? As all your soft furnishings are so neutral why not give it some oomphy with the paint colour. I have painted all my walls in the living area and hallway, Dulux Whisper White which is a great neutral white, not at all creamy, but it's too bland and I want some more personality and life. So I'm trying out other end of the problem.

  3. Hi there Brooke!

    I love your blog! I don't know if it will help, but I painted my house with Dulux Grand Piano. I love it! Don't know if you will though? It is not as browny as hogs Bristle - more grey/green in dark rooms. I do love it and I have been meaning to get back on my blog and do some before and afters on there.

    Some whites can be way stark too, so very hard to choose. I like your colours anyway!

  4. honestly? (and i'm DEFINITELY no expert... i'm an accountant?!...) - i really like the colour it is now.

    Don't get me wrong, i love the white white of scandi/danish look - but it definitely does warm the rooms, it gives off a sophisticated/classic country look - i really like it. Especially as you have alot of white furnishings.

    My previous home had white/white walls and i missed the warmth.

    All the best with your decision - not easy i know! x

  5. I like and use Antique White USA. Always looks great, is warm but does not throw yellow

  6. Oh it's a hard one. I have a very white walled house and I really like the warmth your walls give. In the end it is you who has to live with it but I think it softens the black accents in your house where as mine appear more harsh. Good luck! xx

  7. I've never been a fan of Hogs Bristle to be honest, so I can understand where are coming from. I find it always throws too much yellow and can even throw pink in certain lights.

    My favourite white at the moment is Dulux Natural White - bright and clean, no undertones but still a touch of warmth.

    Good luck with the paint project - and yay for Farmer Joe for being willing to repaint! :) xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  8. We went with Whisper White, and even that is not white enough for my liking :(

    Antique White USA seems to be very popular though.

    Good luck! Look forward to hearing what you decide.


  9. So here is my 2 bobs worth Brooke! Love it in your bedroom, repaint kitchen a clean white & wallpaper your dining room. You won't regret the wallpaper!

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  12. I usually love the white walled look and have it in our old girl, but I do love those warmer walls in your bedroom. I'd leave the walls as is in there and would tackle the kitchen (even though it is actually lovely as is). Love your home, it's simple and elegant, but the warmth shines through. It really does look like a well loved family home. F

  13. Im a tad late with my help B but for what it's worth we had quite the time choosing our paint colours. I think your place looks great but if you do decide on a change be warned, whites are hard! We found that they all looked different in different rooms and even different walls in the same room! We had sample patches all over the place. I'm probably a bit different to you in that I prefer cool to warm but in the end we settled on antique white USA. It'd describe it as a medium white, still warm without being really creamy and no yellow. Good luck with it!

    Abbey x

  14. I love it in your bedroom, but I think white would look best in the dining room!
    Good luck.

  15. I love your bedroom color with the black and white accents. In my home, I have mostly white walls with colorful accents. Good luck!

  16. Hey Brooke! I've missed your posts, is everything ok? LovT

  17. If in doubt go to 1/2 or 1/4 strength - works in different rooms with varying light. Royal Beige is a beautiful sophisticated colour - modern and I have used Grand Piano 1/2. Love both.


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