October 22, 2012

A demolition from Farmer Joe's iPhone...

I do some ridiculous things in the lead-up to hosting a big event (remember my pre-Christmas posts?). Most recently, I decided that the old pergola on the west wall of the house needed to be demolished and the area revamped before our Halloween party this weekend. As I was already committed to a girl's weekend in Sydney (such a hard life), Farmer Joe was left as Site Manager and captured the demolition on his iPhone...

So that's the demolition done. I'll post in the coming week to show you how the revamp comes together!


  1. Wow, Farmer Joe and his helpers have done a great job. That must've been nice to be away on a Girls' W/end knowing all that was going on at home :) I look forward to the next pics. x

  2. ok, I so need me a Farmer Joe! My favourite bit about these pics? How the potted tree remains a constant in all the pics - love! xx

  3. Does Farmer Joe have a brother!? I need one of him in my life! Here's cheers to a girls weekend in Sydders - I want pics of that little mini break. Did you shop shop shop or was it all bubbles and brunch in the Rocks?

    1. Actually, he has two. That's older brother number 2 in the blue t-shirt! And they're all so handy too...

  4. Looking great Brooke! Cant wait to see how it turn out. Off to Derby next week with a group of girls....woohoo. xx

  5. Looks fab Brooke! Farmer joe is a winner :)

    Abbey x

  6. Gosh Brooke, I can't believe how different outside looks now. The boys did a great job.
    Enjoy tomorrow night - sorry I won't be there
    Queen Witty Wittalocka xxx

  7. Ok so we definetly need to hook Kate up on a date with one of the brothers if they are single! x


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