October 9, 2012

If you haven't seen...

...Dering Hall's new feature on libraries, take a look {here}. I've said many times that the room I am most excited about creating in the House on Chambers will be the study/library. Frustratingly, it also looks set to be the last room we'll get to. For now, I'll just have to settle for appreciating these wood-panelled wonders...


  1. You're back!! awesome study/library! It frightens me how much the wood panelling would be! LovT

  2. Wow! Just sitting in those would immediatelly make me 10 times smarted I think :)

    By the way, how are you finding your "small brushed silver domes that drill straight into the floor" door stops? Are they a pain to clean/mop around? Are they suitable for confided spaces? Have you injured your toes? Do you wish you went with the ones that are attached to the skirting board instead?

    Sorry about so many questions *shy*


    1. Hi B, great to hear from you! We love our door stops. They are very simple and unobtrusive, we have never tripped over them and I would highly recommend them for tight spaces. Also no problem with cleaning up around them (this one got tested very early on, because the cat threw up next to one just as the builder was finished drilling it in. The lovely builder cleaned up the cat vomit with no problems at all!). I am very glad we didn't choose the traditional skirting board door stops, these are much nicer.

  3. Welcome back Brooke! working on some ideas for my own study at the moment (much smaller than these) which I hope will include lots of beautiful built in bookcases! xx


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