November 1, 2012

Minted Christmas 2012

I know it's only the 1st of November. But if you're a Christmas fanatic like me, you probably ordered your Christmas cards early last month. If not, I'd recommend heading over to Minted. Here's a sneak peak at their 2012 collection...


  1. Damn! I bought mine a few days ago. Generic blah but silver, gold and white which is my decorating scheme this year. These are just superb! I'll have to mentally file this for 2013! x KL

  2. I love Minted & have used them for the second year now. I'm an American currently living in Melbourne & recently ordered our Christmas cards while visiting the USA... Do they ship to Australia? Good to know for next year, love your blog!xx

    1. Hi Rachel! Yes, Minted do ship to Australia. I've used them for the past two years and been really pleased. Delivery takes about a fortnight, so it pays to order early!


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