August 6, 2012

The wrong paint colour?

I am a little horrified to admit that two years into our renovation Farmer Joe and I are back agonising over paint colour. During our initial paint selection, Joe requested no white walls, preferring a warm neutral shade to create a homely feel. I conceded (a rare event, generally) and we painted the living areas and main bedroom with Dulux Hog Bristle Half. To be honest, the colour has always slightly bothered me. But I'd never considered changing it until out of the blue last week Farmer Joe suggested that maybe I'd been right about white walls all along (Yes Farmer Joe, consider this my very public I told you so!).

In our house, the Hog Bristle Half looks very dark in the south-facing living room and entrance where light is lacking. It throws yellow under the warm overhead lights at night, and there is a further yellow reflection from our oak floating floors. So, before we go ahead and paint the remaining half of the house, we'd like to get the first half right, and we're prepared to repaint to do it.

I've included some shots of the painted walls (taken in natural day light, so definitely at it's best), and I'd love to hear your opinions. Should we repaint? Are we mad? Am I being too heavily influenced by all the lovely white houses in the interiors mags? And most importantly, can you suggest a light, bright, but warm white or neutral that definitely won't throw yellow?